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To Juice Or Not To Juice, A Pregnant Woman's Dilemma

June 13, 2016

When I became pregnant, I was both excited and terrified that I had to go the next 9 months without my precious wine. Some people have no problem at all letting go of the vino, but living in Northern California, wine is like the cup of milk you have every night before bed - it's a NECESSITY. Not only does it taste amazing (we have some of the best wine in the world here), but it makes every experience that much better.

When I threw my first hissy fit that I couldn't drink wine, I thought for sure I might be an alcoholic. Who gets pregnant and actually cries (like literally, sob) over the fact that they can't enjoy wine? Or fantasize all the time about sitting outside on a beautiful day, looking at the Bay Area's beauty with a nice, cool glass of rosé? It truly was devastating. It took a good long while, but I was finally able to accept life without wine, knowing that it was just a matter of weeks before I could truly enjoy a good, full glass.

But, I did have something to ease the cold-turkey phase - juice. I never was really a juice person - never did I ever have orange juice in my fridge, or buy those organic juices from the store. Until I got pregnant. But then I read "no unpasteurized juices for preggo peeps", and I thought "well, how many juices are unpasteurized?" And the answer was nowadays with the whole juice craze: A LOT. Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Wasn't there ANYTHING I could have?

So I started on my quest to find juices that I could drink and enjoy. At first I started with some Naked-brand smoothies - which were way too thick and heavy for just a casual juice drink. I then tried the order-only Bundle Juices, which were OK in taste, but inconvenient since I had to order them.

I then found Suja juices, which said they used "Cold-Pressured" or "High Pressure Processing" (HPP). I started searching online to see if HPP was the same as pasteurizing juice, and I could hardly find anything out there online that gave me a clear definition of the process and if it was safe or not to drink HPPd juices during pregnancy. But I finally stumbled upon this article. YAY! Lifesaver! Suja co-founder Annie Lawless states in the article that "HPP allows us to be safe for pregnant women and the elderly, but doesn't affect the nutritional value." Bingo. I had my juice. And it wasn't a smoothie, it was a nice, clean, refreshing-tasting juice. Oh the world of possibilities. 

So here is a quick list of juices that the article says use HPP, and therefore should be safe to consume while pregnant:

Here's to enjoying juice during pregnancy (until you're allowed to drink the juice of the gods). :)



April 19, 2016

So my baby got a small round patch of eczema on his right cheek. I tried for weeks to apply coconut oil to it (my cure-all for most everything), but this time it wasn’t working. So we went to the doc, and of course he prescribed a hydrocortisone cream. With reluctance, I used it a couple times and it worked, but only until I stopped using it. I kept thinking, there has GOT to be a safer, non-toxic, longer-lasting alternative than steroid cream.... (if you want the dirty facts, just Google “why hydrocortisone cream is bad”; this is what I found: And thanks to my dear friend over at Practically Organic for turning me into a hyper vigilant seeker of non-toxic products (both a blessing and a curse, lol). :)

Anyhoo, when I started my search, I was expecting to find those I-made-this-with-all-organic-ingredients-in-my-organic-garage-in-Colorado brands that cost $50 for an ounce. So I took to a regular grocery store to see what they had with my trustee EWG app (just search “Skin Deep” in your app store).

The best one that I could find was Aveeno’s Baby Eczema Cream (steroid-free and fragrance free). It got a toxicity score of 2 on EWG, which is better than some of the other creams I came across. And of course, a rating of 2 means it still has some ingredients that aren’t 100% super duper safe, but it was a lot better than what I was finding. And the best part, it works incredibly well and after only a couple of applications, my baby’s eczema is gone!

Of course, these are all of my un-compensated thoughts. Would love to hear if anyone else has found a great (and safe) eczema cream as well!


April 16, 2016

As a breastfeeding mama, there aren’t many vices that I can have to help ease stress ... maybe a glass of wine here or there (but let’s be honest, it would take 5 glasses of wine to totally chill the F out and I can’t b-feed after 5 glasses of wine); a workout (hahaha); a dip in the hot tub (if someone else can watch the little one!) ... you get my drift. However, I have found something that both INSTANTLY calms my nerves, puts me in a state of nirvana AND is beneficial for both myself and my baby. 

Hello Natural Calm Magnesium Anti-Stress powder! You can find this bad-boy at most health food stores like Whole Foods, or on Amazon (via the link above). They come in a couple different flavors (like Raspberry-Lemon, Orange or Cherry) if you don’t like the non-flavored version (although I actually prefer the non-flavored).

Let me tell you, all you need is 1/2 a teaspoon of this mixed in your ice water and you will immediately feel the effects of calm take over your body. The suggested dose is 2 teaspoons split up throughout the day. As I type I am drinking 1 tsp in my water. I haven’t tried 2 teaspoons all at once because I’m afraid I would become catatonic. This stuff is amazing AND all-natural. And guess what? It’s actually recommended for breastfeeding mamas. Check this Kelly Mom article out and another related article.

If you get around to trying it, let me know what you think!

And of course, these are all my own un-compensated thoughts/opinions. :)

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