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Why I Blog

June 11, 2016

Ok, before I became a blogger ... well actually, I've always blogged/journaled, but before I put my blog out there for others to see, I used to do Corporate Communications for tech companies in the Bay Area. I did that for 12 years until just recently. (The photo above is me in London on a business trip back in 2011).

Life changed. I met my husband in 2012, got married in 2014, had a baby in 2015 and then WHOA, priorities shifted. I didn't want to travel for work anymore and leave my precious little one and that kind of sealed the deal on my relationship with my last company. And now I sit here pondering where to focus all my drive and business knowledge onto next. It occurred to me that if I could be uber successful doing something that I really didn't have that much passion for (Tech PR), then what would happen if I applied all of my skills to something that really got me excited?

And then I thought ... well, I'm kind of excited about a lot of random things, not just one. I love writing, I love cooking, baby stuff, home decor, reading, financial planning, hiking, wine ... I mean, the list could go on. So how do I choose!!?? And then I thought, "wait, why do I have to choose just one?" Ah ... wisdom.

I've been following a couple of inspirational women for a handful of years now that really give me a good kick in the pants when I start to get lazy ... Marie Forleo. Gosh I love her (and really wish my body looked like hers, but that's another topic for another day). She embodies what success can look like for someone who doesn't want to just hang their hat on one thing. 

So, long story short ... I launched this blog. Why? Because it's giving me an outlet to explore and express ALL the things that excite and interest me. I actually wake up EXCITED to figure out what I want to write about next. And maybe along the way, my posts will inspire the next person to go out there and CREATE something that excites them too. 

Will this become a money-making business for me? Not sure. Do I need to find "normal" work to help fill in the financial gaps here and there? Probably (ugh). But the important thing here is that I'm doing something that I love to do.

Now, if blogging is something that you think you want to do, thank God for the internet because there are some AMAZING resources out there that can help you get started:

1. The woman is a blogging genius and has done everything in her power to equip wannabe bloggers with everything they need to know to get up and started. 

2. Another Sarah over at My Joy-Filled Life. She created this handy-dandy blog planner  that you see below. So easy! I just printed it out at home and now I have something to help me organize all my thoughts (and well, I love things like this because I'm a PR person, planning is in my blood). 

So ... what tickles your fancy? What gets your imagination going and your creative juices flowing? Drop me a line!



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