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5 (ok 7!) Things I'm Asking for Christmas

October 13, 2016

Here we go people... Christmas is exactly 73 days away, which may sound like a lot, but then when you put it into the perspective of weeks, that's only about 10 WEEKS! And if you've got family members like I do, they ALWAYS ask for a wish list. Now, I never used to like wish lists. I think they can be presumptuous and really, shouldn't we all just be happy and accept the gifts that our loved ones wanted to give us?? Yes ... I used to think like this, until every year I ended up with soaps and bath washes. Not to discount the awesomeness of soaps and bath washes, however as I looked around me every year at everyone else relishing in the gifts that they had specifically ASKED for, I realized there might be something to this so-called "wish list."

So my people, dare to dream big, because I plan to do just that this holiday season. Here's what I'm asking for this year (because these goodies look A-MAZING!!):

1. Mr. Coffee Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino Machine So I can stop my $5 Starbucks addiction habit (and I KNOW I'm not alone in this). Plus, this one does the milk frothing for you, which is great, 'cuz I have no clue how to froth milk. 

2. Silicone Food Storage Containers A while ago we bought all glass storage containers to avoid plastic (all those leaching chemicals are no bueno). But then we bought a house with PORCELAIN tile and juuuust about dropped and shattered every single one of those glass containers. So the next best, non-toxic alternative? Silicone! 

3. All-Clad Griddle Pan I love All-Clad and my husband and I got the full set of pots and pans when we got married. Now that we have a toddler, pancakes are a staple in our household and it's high-time we got a griddle pan to make them. 

4. Teva Mush Sandals "Sandals in winter?!" you may ask, but listen here: everyone needs a pair of quick, flip flop sandals to throw on all year around ... to take the garbage out, to put on when you've dropped and shattered your glass food containers everywhere, and so on. I always used to buy just a cheap pair of flip flops, yet secretly envied my husband's Teva Mush sandals that he's had since God-knows-how-long (and I'm not quite sure why it's taken me this long to ask for them). 

5. Essential Oils Oh yes, these are like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop and I tell ya, once you buy just one essential oil, you have to buy them all. But DANG Gina, these puppies can be expensive! That's why they're going on the Christmas list. ;)

6. Essential Oil Diffuser I have a handful of diffusers around my house, but none of them last as long as I would like and none of them are as pretty as this one. This one can also hold up to 300ml and says it can run up to 10 hours of continuous output. Sold!

7. Sony RX100 Camera Now for the Pièce De Résistance! I feel like nowadays we rely so much on using our cell phones to take photos, but the quality just doesn't hit the mark like some of the professional point-and-shoot cameras out there (as you can likely tell by some of my blog photos taken with said cell phone). I want to feel like a legitimate illegitimate photographer. So I'm asking Santa (:::cough::: husband:::cough) for this one. ;)

What's on your Christmas wish list? 





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