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March 8, 2016

You see this? A tiny note that came inside my box of checks from the bank. You know those blue, plastic check holders that everyone has been using for far too long? Yep, they contain chemicals that cause cancer. So much so in fact that someone had to spend money printing a piece of paper with a warning on it.

For anyone out there (I can think of some :) who get ridiculed by people for how "silly" our concern over toxins in everyday things are... this somewhat reminds me of the time - not too far back - when people balked at the rumor that cigarettes could cause cancer. And then the Surgeon General came out with a "warning" that still, people scoffed at because after all, as far as their experience was, cigarettes were "harmless"! And then it turned out that uh oh, those warnings were real.

We cannot of course control all the toxins in our path ... there are just too many. And pretty much everything has toxins on some level or another. But, there are some simple steps that anyone can take to start REDUCING their exposure to toxins and hopefully reduce their exposure to the diseases and defects that they cause.

One simple rule of thumb that's easy to follow: If it smells like chemicals, it's toxic. Cleaners. Plastics. Cushions. That "new" carpet smell. "New" paint smell. Not all toxins are detectable via smell, but this rules out a good majority of them that can get anyone on the path to start recognizing where toxins lurk and start making more conscious choices.


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