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April 19, 2016

So my baby got a small round patch of eczema on his right cheek. I tried for weeks to apply coconut oil to it (my cure-all for most everything), but this time it wasn’t working. So we went to the doc, and of course he prescribed a hydrocortisone cream. With reluctance, I used it a couple times and it worked, but only until I stopped using it. I kept thinking, there has GOT to be a safer, non-toxic, longer-lasting alternative than steroid cream.... (if you want the dirty facts, just Google “why hydrocortisone cream is bad”; this is what I found: And thanks to my dear friend over at Practically Organic for turning me into a hyper vigilant seeker of non-toxic products (both a blessing and a curse, lol). :)

Anyhoo, when I started my search, I was expecting to find those I-made-this-with-all-organic-ingredients-in-my-organic-garage-in-Colorado brands that cost $50 for an ounce. So I took to a regular grocery store to see what they had with my trustee EWG app (just search “Skin Deep” in your app store).

The best one that I could find was Aveeno’s Baby Eczema Cream (steroid-free and fragrance free). It got a toxicity score of 2 on EWG, which is better than some of the other creams I came across. And of course, a rating of 2 means it still has some ingredients that aren’t 100% super duper safe, but it was a lot better than what I was finding. And the best part, it works incredibly well and after only a couple of applications, my baby’s eczema is gone!

Of course, these are all of my un-compensated thoughts. Would love to hear if anyone else has found a great (and safe) eczema cream as well!

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